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About  US

Uppersky Gourmet, VIP Private Aviation Caterer is located in Paris Le Bourget since 2011. Proud of its 600m2 state-of-the-art certified kitchen lab, the first one in Paris Le Bourget airport producing food fully respecting the highest hygiene norms with European Certification

FR95-277-103 CE.


The whole team is trained HACCP Method (sanitary security, analyze and food tracking) guarantying perfect

hygiene and food safety for your

passengers, and respecting aviation



A kitchen managed by a Chef coming from well-known restaurants and

qualified to the highest standards, is here to offer you the best food fitted for your inflight requests.


An ops team coming from luxury sector and inflight catering that is very much aware of the various expectations
inherent in the business aviation. This is why they will pay attention to each of your requests and respond to any of your questions or observations if any.


A team customer service-oriented that will always support you by proposing you the best for your highly demanding passengers.


credit photo : Eric Guerin

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Covid-19 Information

Extra hygiene measures taken

Uppersky Gourmet, inflight catering in Paris Le Bourget wish to express its commitment to the health and safety of its employees and clients as the situation we are facing with the COVID-19 outbreak is putting unprecedented strain on our lives.

This is why, in addition to our very strict health and food safety certificate (FR95-277-103CE) issued by the French authorities (which is the most highly accredited hygiene and food safety certificate available), we have implemented a series of additional hygiene measures which reinforce it:

Within the building & the kitchen :

- Is only allowed entering the bulding the staff on duty and with a face mask

- Hand washing is required when entering the building then once more when entering the kitchen then as many times as possible during the day.

- Extra antibacterial soaps have been installed in every areas at the operation center and at the different office spaces in addition to the ones installed in the kitchen. 

- Computers, mouses, keyboards, telephones, objects and surfaces are sanitized repeatedly during the day. 

- All physical contacts with each other as well as cheek kisses and handchecks as greeting have been prohibited (minimum distance of 2meters between employees at the work premises is required).

- Usage of gloves more frequently when preparing food and hand washing in between as always.

- Sanitize the containers from all suppliers' deliveries in addition to the regular checking procedures.

- Kitchen areas and surfaces are beeing whashed more often during the day.
- All the existing necessary measures and preventing actions provided by the authorities have been reviewed again with the employees.
- Remain vigilant and ensure that our employees are not ill but are fit to work when they start their shift.

During aicrafts' deliveries :

- Sanitize all our vehicles before and after each delivery (cabin & refrigerated storage) as well as all containers used to transport the meals.

- Use of Antiseptic Wipes right before crew arrive
- Wear single-use gloves & face mask upon aircraft delivery.

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Culinary skills

  & best products

Orders are prepared using the highest quality local & seasonal products,

organic when possible, which are all sourced from our suppliers.


The Chef makes on daily basis every effort to provide passengers with the best quality and taste to give them the pleasure to eat inflight.


The team is dedicated to help you to maintain tastes with subtle blends of flavours. We offer first quality food.

Products carefully chosen for their taste, freshness and traceability.  Suppliers share same commitments for environmental causes, favouring seasonality of their production.


You will find in this menu an insight of what our Chef and team propose you, but of course they will be able to accommodate you with any tailor-made meals your passengers will like as well as taking into account their allergens.


Packaging and presentation is also taken into account in order to save space on board to the aircraft, optimize time and reduce handling when setting and serving the dishes.


credit photo : Eric Guerin

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Our specialist team is on the starting blocks for any product request of yours which is available in Paris and around !

Oshibori Towels : Bvlgari, Hermes, Roger & Gallet …
Spray hydrating: Evian, Eau thermal la Roche Posay …
Other Amenities (pillow, blanket, slippers, toothbrush etc...)
Galley essentials (kitchen roll, tissues, gloves, flasks ...)
Flowers & Bouquets
Kitchen equipment (Glassware, China ...)
Epicerie Fine, Caviar, Balik Salmon
Chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat ...
Macarons from LaDurée ...
Celebration Cakes (from 24 to 48 hours notice required)
Restaurant request
Shopping service & Courier

We also propose you the following services

Printed Customized Menus (on high quality paper)
Dish cleaning
Storage and cooling
High Loader 

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Deliveries at

  the aircraft

Our team delivers directly to the aircrafts with our own fleet of refrigerated trucks (and/or a high-loader when requested) since Uppersky Gourmet has all the authorizations from the LBG airport authorities.


Upon the delivery, they will help you with your checks,  will give you a hand and will be available for a last minute advice.


A call or through e-mail, you are more than welcome to contact our ops team 7 days a week and 365 days a year from 5 am to 10 pm.


Any orders sent during closing hours will be taken into account the following morning and shall be confirmed to you to the extent possible.


Moreover, we would do our very best to deliver outside this time range if we knew sufficiently in advance.


We are committed to you and we thank you for your confidence and loyalty.


Place your faith in our hands, relax and make your flight a real success !


Email :

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Paris Le Bourget LFPB


Open Daily
05:00 - 22:00 Flexible if needed


Tel :  +33 1 75 69 02 80

Tel :  +33 1 75 69 02 86


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